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Queensland Ostomy Association

Welcome to Queensland Ostomy Association, a voluntary group founded in 1972 to provide maximum support and assistance to ostomates.

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We are all in this together

We are a member of the Australian Council of Stoma Associations and operate within their guidelines to administer the Stoma Appliance Scheme on behalf of the Commonwealth Government…


As a not-for profit organisation with several part-time employees, we could not provide the service to our members without our dedicated group of volunteers. They give up their time and expertise on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week to keep the organisation running. 

Become A Member

A member is an Ostomate requiring medical supplies entitled to them by the health department as part of the stoma appliance scheme

As an Ostomate who is a financial member of the association, you are covered by the commonwealth health department’s stoma appliance scheme.

Stoma Appliance Scheme

Under this scheme appliances are issued on a monthly basis, up to a maximum entitlement approved by the health department.